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Machine Learning at Munich

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Linux Mint 19
Micro Python, C++ and TensorFlowLite in Arduino

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Autocorrelation Simulation
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Release Notes maXbox Jan 2021 mX47

Add 25 Units + 4 Tutorials

1277 unit uPSI_SystemsDiagram.pas Dendron
1278 unit uPSI_qsFoundation.pas Dendron
1279 uPSI_JclStringLists2 JCL
1280 uPSI_cInternetUtils2 FLC
1281 uPSI_cWindows.pas FLC
1282 uPSI_flcSysUtils.pas +TBytes utils
1283 unit uPSI_RotImg.pas DA
1284 uPSI_SimpleImageLoader.pas LAZ
1285 uPSI_HSLUtils.pas LAZ
1286 uPSI_GraphicsMathLibrary.pas EF
1287 unit uPSI_umodels.pas DMath
1288 uPSI_flcStatistics.pas FLC5
1289 uPSI_flcMaths.pas FLC5
1290 uPSI_flcCharSet.pas
1291 uPSI_flcBits32.pas
1292 uPSI_flcTimers.pas
1293 uPSI_cBlaiseParserLexer.pas
1294 uPSI_flcRational.pas
1295 uPSI_flcComplex.pas
1296 unit uPSI_flcMatrix (uPSI_flcVectors.pas)
1297 unit uPSI_flcStringBuilder.pas
1298 unit PJResFile_Routines;
1299 uPSI_flcASCII.pas
1300 uPSI_flcStringPatternMatcher;
1301 unit uPSI_flcUnicodeChar.pas;

Totals of Function Calls: 33282
SHA1: of D82EAD01C58738887661428F94B207DB1D8FAEB5
CRC32: 768395C5 29.5 MB (31,012,768 bytes

mX4 package maxbox4.zip SHA1: 59e0e6da4bc8a1c4ee4754cf16ae6f26289185bd


Churchill from Päscu

7 Steps for maintainable code:

• Maintain separation of concerns (avoid unnecessary dependencies)
• Fully qualified unit names to be used: Winapi.Windows not Windows
• Code format to be consistent with LIB source
• Do not put application-specific implementations in general code libraries
• Carefully consider modification to common code – the way to proceed
• No hints (instant code review fail) and No warnings
• Keep code small – avoid long methods and should be broken down

maXbox to ASIA
U-ML Processes

maXbox on Linux

The framework library Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running original Windows applications (binary or exe) on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse, Debian etc.), OS X, Solaris and Free BSD.


Stack overflow or hack overhaul
SGD Optimizer
Python on Ubuntu on Win10 (VirtualBox-osboxes-maXbox-Python)
TEE Gottardo RA TEE II 1053


IBZ Online 2021
Friedrichshafen Zeppelin Museum 15.04.2017
Fraunhofer Germany
Reinforcment Learning Animation
Neural Net Demo

maXbox on Linux with Wine

  1. sudo apt-get install wine
  2. cd Public
  3. wget https://github.com/maxkleiner/maXbox4/releases/download/V4.2.4.80/maxbox4.zip
  4. sudo apt-get install unzip
  5. osboxes@osboxes:~/Public$ unzip maxbox4.zip
  6. wine maXbox4.exe
  7. https://www.onworks.net/software/windows/app-maxbox
  8. https://github.com/maxkleiner/
Unified Machine Learning
Cologne out of maXbox4
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